Luxury Apartments Complex

Accentuated by its distinguished architectural style, Residence ONE combines elegance with intuitive comfort and luxury. The design concept of Residence ONE was driven from the four classical elements of earth, water, air and fire, a design that embraces the complexity of nature, translating it with its architectural design, thus achieving its elemental impact. These four villas are strategically sited to draw in the natural light in all spaces and open out to landscape views of the city beyond. Residence ONE design celebrates the Traditional craftsmanship integrated with contemporary detail from the exterior to the heart of each interior. Each villa offers personalised, unique, luxurious spaces that benefit from the beautiful tailored interior design craftsmanship. Roof gardens offer an elevated space of intimacy that draw up the sunset beyond and seamlessly blend the exterior and interior spaces. The lower ground is crafted with a balanced palette of local materials such as stone and wood. Residence ONE captures the vernacular architectural design and reveals it self with its local craftsmanship.